Online Currency exchange rates calculator...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 0 comments

I have already mentioned about how to calculate currency exchange rates using google in my previous post. Here is a very good site for doing it with a very good interface with lot of options. You are able to select from list boxes and click on flag etc.

Check out the link -

Info collected by Prajish. Thanks to him.


Ever searched a site to Download Virus !!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007 0 comments

I did yesterday. All queries like "download virus" , "virus database", "virus codes", "virus infected files", etc returned just a bunch of antivirus definitions, antivirus products, scanners etc.

Then finally, it dawned - I gave "virus collections" then that led to me the site VX Heavens. It opened access to a really huge collection of trojans, viruses etc in a zipped file.

This site is dedicated to providing information about computer viruses (or virii, as some would prefer) to anyone who is interested in this topic. I have quoted the site intro....

This site contains a massive, continuously updated collection of magazines, virus samples, virus sources, polymorphic engines, virus generators, virus writing tutorials, articles, books, news archives etc.

Some of you might reasonably say that it is illegal to offer such content on the net. Or that this information can be misused by "malicious people". I only want to ask that person: "Is ignorance a defence?"

Can be used to test Antivirus Products, research virus codes etc.
Also if you are one of those crancky saddists who loves to watch others suffer by injecting virus inside others pc's, please go ahead to the site.

Click here to enter VX heavens.


Google - Tricks, Tips, and Shortcuts

Thursday, April 05, 2007 1 comments

Here are some not so familiar google search tricks and tips that are very useful.

  • NOT MORE THAN 10 WORDS - Google limits searches to only ten words entered, so keep your search phrases as short as possible.
  • ORDER IS IMPORTANT - Google searches the words in the order they appear. So TRAVEL WORLD will get you results which are different from WORLD TRAVEL.
  • INTITLE - Search only the Webpage Titles. Example: intitle:funny pictures
  • SPECIFY FILETYPES - There are a number of file types searched by Google in addition to standard HTML-formatted pages. Example: Typing filetype:swf ninja games brings back only flash movies on the subject of ninja games. Check out more examples below.

    - Adobe Acrobat - pdf
    - Microsoft Excel - xls
    - Powerpoint - ppt
    - Rich Text Format - rtf
    - Text files - txt
  • INTEXT only, NO URL or link - Google searches only in the body text of Web pages-not in links, URLs, or titles. Example: intext:best game
  • SEARCH WITHIN A SPECIFIC SITE - Use this when you want Google's to search in particular site alone. Example: arcade games would return results about arcade games from gamerevolution site alone.
  • ASK GOOGLE TO DEFINE A WORD - Example define: secret
  • GOOGLE AS CALCULATOR or CURRENCY EXCHANGE CALCULATOR - its as simple as entering 4+4 or any other complex equation. In Currency conversion just put a '?' for the unknown term. Example - 34 INR = ? USD.
  • - Post Information provided by Prajish.