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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here's a cool article i found on Arpit's blog...
Saw the pics below ?? No. these are not one of my photoshop works which usually might take 10-15 mins of photo editing. Welcome the coolest online image generator... Imagechef... Will you believe it just took me 2 mins to generate all these cool pics. You can use em for any thin... orkut profile pics, messenger icons etc etc... Try it out yourself

  1. More dynamic image creation VIA (over 1,000 fun to serious image generators).

  2. Hmmm
    ispired from my blog..
    atleast you shud have mentioen my blog in this post

  3. hey im Xtreeeeeeeeemly srry .... i just forgot... and now i have added.... plz dont mind... i have left a msg on ur blog also

  4. Thanks man... Hey i cant found your mail id in ur blog..
    just want to mail you.. can you plzz give me your mail id, or just mail it to me??
    my mail id is on my blog

  5. Wow.... cool raj...very intresting site..thnx dude....

  6. Anonymous

    ik zoek achraf

  7. Anonymous

    o blend ti kam nreq fotot me zingjir e hin ne adres e ti jap fotot se ti kam nreq

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