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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well i have got some tweaks for Windows XP...

1) Don't want to logon as a guest when accessing from the network problem

You have done with all your settings for LAN with windows xp. (ie set ip, create users, shared folders etc) now when you try to access the system either by going to start>run and then typing //(ip address) or by going to windows network select the workgroup and then click on the computer icon. now all it does is pop up a dialog and says Login but shows only the username as GUEST and you are unable to change it. Most of the time we disable the guest account and if you have done it then you cant login unless you enable it again.

Here's the solution
1. Go to Start>Run>type gpedit.msc
2. Under Local computer Policy>computer config>windows settings>security settings>Local Policies>Security Options
3. Then search for Network Access : Sharing and security model for local accounts.
4. Double click and Change it to Classic

Now try to access the system from the network.

2) Don't want to display user account on the welcome screen.

You don't want to show certain user accounts on the welcome screen for security reasons.

Here's the solution
1. Go to Start>Run>type regedit
2. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ WindowsNT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon\ SpecialAccounts\ UserList

3. Right click add a new DWORD and set the name to your username (eg.Administrator, John etc) and by default the value will be 0 (zero). leave it to that.

(updated - After hiding the user from welcome screen. If you need to log in as that user. Just press CTRL+ALT+DEL(2 times) and a login dialog appears and there enter your username and password - thanks to ATUL for his comment that made me update this)
  1. nice information but if i will hide my user account than what would be happen like will it log in directly to windows .

  2. hi atul,
    i have updated the post. thanks yaar.

  3. no problem but thanx to you to give us such nice tips to hide and maintain our security .

  4. Arun

    the first one did trouble me...thnx for the info...dude

  5. hey its very helpfull keep it up dudd u r so nice that u tell me the key for my tensn lock

  6. thanks Sandy !

    You have no idea how valuable you comment is.

    Every time I think of giving up this blog. Only things like this make me continue it.

    You have restricted your blogger profile page... I was not able to view ur blogs or info

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