Two really cool communities in orkut !!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Their community pictures says it all. Thats what i can say. These two communities "Insults" and "Funny one liners" are one of the best communities for having fun and some really good laugh.

Here are some snippets from INSULTS.

There is a huge thread to insult the above person. There was a good looking guy with a nice french beard. The post below him read :- "seems like there is a fly sitting under ur lower lip"

Here is another one. There is guy who has written
"Everything in the above pic is good. There is nothing to insult. Shes is cute, very hot blah blah....." to a girl above him.

And the same girl has replied below - "sala flirt
is this an insult-the-above-person thread or flirt-with-the-*hot*girl-above-you thread??? you are in the wrong community mister. ok let me start insulting you dude... GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN TO READ. YOU ARE IN THE INSULTS COMMUNITY, NOT FLIRTS-BY-BIRTH COMMUNITY."

Ha Ha. now thats what i call real insult....

Now for the no.2 candidate.


There is no need to explain about this community. Just some samples will do.

  • "The road to success is always under construction."
  • "Everyone has a photographic memory; some people just don't have film."
  • "i ain't Flintstones .... but i can still make ur bed rock"
  • " Mary had a little lamb...the doctors were surprised!"
  • " No one has ever complained about a parachute not opening......"
  • "I am afraid that one day i'll meet God, he'll sneeze, and i wont know what to say."

  • Here is my favourite - "Attitude is like underwear, you should wear it, but not expose it !!!"

  • This was the weirdest break off line - " i wanna feel what breaking up is!!!!so"
  • "I just can’t love someone who would love someone like me .. So Bye!"

WARNING - I recommend these both for people above 18 only. Coz some thread contain stuff unsuitable for <18. Ha ha !!! Orkut is only for people above 18 i guess !!! but there are thousands of kids running around in orkut...

Both the communities are owned by the same owner - "Moderator Ignoramus" and the profile says she's a female from eritrea. She is very late to approve ppl joining the communities. I wonder why she hasn't added any moderators to help her in maintaining communities of 25,000 members and 3,000 members........

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