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Thursday, November 29, 2007


If you are among the many who needs to explore, learn and experience the world of stock markets and shares, but are afraid to take risk as many people claim, here's good news for all of us. No more risk, no more fear, just plain fun and knowledge.
Well the title was just an eye catcher, but it is true, you can use virtual money and trade stocks and learn all you need to about share market at MONEYBHAI

MONEYBHAI is a online stock market, where you play with virtual money. But the data used in the site is the actual real world share prices. So you get to know how to master the art of investment and make money really. You can also win real money in the moneybhai site, by playing and hitting the top score list and thus the caption - No Risk, only Kamayee

The site is brought to you my moneycontrol.com which a great and inevitable site for investors in the country.

What are you waiting for, give it a try...
  1. No matter if you are stock market trader or investor, You need to be very careful while dealing in Indian stock market. Stock market offers huge returns but many less people are able to stay in profit just think why? Is it because of lack of share trading knowledge? Well let’s discuss this in this nice blog and see what everyone has to say about it. Come one let’s start a discussion which will benefit lot of stock market traders and investors.

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